Black and White Star in Circle


We are the Kickstarter for  African Movies

Films are expensive business and no one party has to go at it alone. Own A Film harnesses the power of community. Together, we can produce exactly the kind of films we want to see through crowdfunding efforts. This disruption to Nollywood's existing business model empowers the regular viewer with a say in the kind of movies they want to see. The empowerment goes in the other direction. Own a Film strips the creative filmmaker of a lot of limitations typically associated with the lack of funding. This guarantees better ROI once the film is made leaving both investors and filmmakers happy. ​Our long term goal is to witness the making of audacious global blockbuster films by successfully connecting millions of financers with top notch filmmakers across the industry. If no other community can, OAF can!

Top 5 2021 Nollywood Directors making a killing

Funke Akindele Omo Ghetto

becomes highest grossing film

with 468 million Naira