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We understand how hard it is for you to secure money for your films. OAF connects you to a world of alternative funding.  Spend less time chasing checks and more time creating

There are two rounds of submissions. Round A and B. Successful candidates who make it past round A will be notified to proceed to Round B. Please have these documents ready to upload before you begin. We have attached sample guides for each category of submission. It takes 24 hours or less for each round of submissions to get approved. So you can get your campaign up and running in less than 48 hours. Candidates who make it past round B will be notified immediately that their campaign is now live and open for investment. We are only taking campaigns for feature length films at the moment. The opportunity to submit documentary projects, series, short films, animations and other creative projects will soon open.

Before you do anything, what do you know about the business of film?

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The OAF Marketplace is designed to provide you with the most essential requirements of a 21st century film industry.  Hunt for equipment rentals, location, cast and crew members, drone pilots, Makeup Artists, IP Lawyers, Studios houses, Content Marketers and Distribution houses willing to collaborate and work with you. We know you are creatives, not accountants and lawyers which is why you can easily hire an account or hire a lawyer to help you with structuring your dream project. You can also offer your services on the Skills section of your profile to get hired and let people drop reviews on your page.  A lot of OAF community members are offering their housing and office spaces as location you might need for your films. If you have done location scouting before, you can relate to how much pain this saves you. 

Click on Accountants to hire an accountant for your project 

Click on Lawyers to hire a lawyer for your project 

Click on locations to see to a list of available locations to shoot. 

Click on equipment rental to see a list of vendors with gear to rent 

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The sacred rule of equity crowdfunding is that you always pay back your investors. While equity crowdfunding will push you as filmmakers to become excellent sales teams, investors expect to get paid. Your filmmakers package must be topnotch. Investors expect that when you submit a budget, you have factored in everything you need to make your film a success. It is the budget of your dreams after all. If you submit a budget, Investors expect to receive not just a budget breakdown but a trustworthy appraisal of your present situation; where you currently are with your project, expected date of principal photography and a release date are all information you should have ready when you start your crowdfunding campaign. The maximum you can offer as interest for any film is 20%. The minimum is 10%. Be logical with your offers and expectations but don't ever ignore the opportunity to push the boundaries of your abilities. If you succeed in crowdfunding your film, you will have full control over how the money is spent. ​You are accountable to the investors for the kind of films you make. Investors will provide a satisfaction rating at the end of each project and this will be live for the entire community to see.

Increase your net-profit by merchandising your product. Upload branded wears, mugs, digital products etc. to your team store on the OAF Marketplace and link your Afrinvest Escrow Account


VAR is a community building tool. It generates excitement and hype for your film. A high VAR score simply means that the community endorses your film and the film has good chances of doing well. The score has a range of 1 to 10. Get your fanbase talking about the film and your VAR score will go up. There are independent element that automatically makes your VAR score a hit or a miss. These are:

1. Story

2. Team Composition

3. Audience market for the film

4. Distribution plan

5. Level of preparedness

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A good way to market to investors is to offer incentives. Incentives such as  free tickets, exclusive premiere invites, private viewings, advertisement, product placement spots or even an Executive Producer title can be up for grabs.  Be creative. How you market your fund raising efforts is entirely up to you as a team. You will need to still pay your investors back and make a profit. The goal is to convert your investors from mere profit seeking individuals into raging fans and ambassadors for your film. This has proven to boost your net profit significantly.

Team Composition


We are legally not allowed to touch your money. Afrinvest, holds all the crowdfunding yields. They will be responsible for disbursing the funds once campaign targets are met. You can easily sign up for a Afrinvest account. This is the payment structure.


1. If you are planning to submit a project, please open an escrow collection account with Afrinvest which will house all the crowdfunding securities. All funding must be managed through this account.

2. Once the crowdfunding portal closes, Afrinvest will deduct 10% of the entire funds as OAF service charge. What is left will be disbursed into your personal commercial bank account within 24 hours or less. Please note that sometimes payment might take up to 48 hours. Link personal accounts here

3. All revenue generated from ticket sales, sponsorship, advertising and merchandising will be collected into the same Afrinvest escrow account

4. Afrinvest will deduct investors returns plus their operational fees and 1.2% as service charge. for the whole transaction.  



Your OAF community is designed to provide you with everything needed for you to thrive. It is composed of filmmakers, investors and film lovers. If used strategically can be the prefect hype for your film. Every person on the OAF community has a profile and a following. You can follow share and connect with certain filmmakers that you are fan of and receive regular updates about their activities on the OAF platform. Also look up profiles of investors and see the kind of films they are interest in. There are forums and fan bases of all kinds of things, Films, Directors, Producers, Actors and critics. There is also a marketplace where you can buy and sell film merchandises, digital products etc. You are part of this market. If you have equipment you would like to rent out or sell, simply open a store on our marketplace and upload pictures and videos of said items. Form teams, initiate new projects and campaign for them on OAF. There are multiple ways of raising money. Get creative and take advantage of the numerous features available to you. Once you build an active fanbase, you will be able to tell how much funds you can raise per round of campaign. Visit the OAF Marketplace. Check our  Store.  to pick up items you like.



Find out how we collect, handle and process your data

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Find out how much we take as commission and the circumstances under which you must operate when using our services. By signing up, you agree to all of OAF terms and conditions.

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