Nollywood is currently the second-largest film producer in the world in terms of number of movies.
The local industry employs about a million people and generates over US$7 billion for the economy. 


Its industry accounts for 1.4% of GDP according to IMF reports. 


But that's all old news. The new news is that the industry has never been in a better position than it is in right now and OAF is here to show it to you all. To learn more about Nollywood in 2021, its highest grossing films, biggest players, trends, successes and challenges click here

Executive studios like Ebony Life, SceneOne Productions, Anthill Studios, Golden Effect Pictures and Playnetwork Studios are a few  amongst many currently killing it. Armed with the finance and the network, these studios are pushing the boundaries of creativity with quality high budget films. It was no surprise when Netflix made its official entry into the scene in February of 2020. To watch a video highlights of the event, click here. 

 Amidst the boom, lie an army of independent filmmakers who also have to churn out movies quicker, faster and often times under less glamourous conditions. Countless stories die or waste away because the filmmakers are unable to secure the funding or the network needed for such projects.. Here is your chance to make their dreams come through. 

DISCLAIMER: Films are risky business and the possibility that you might loose all your money exist. Own A Film is NOT responsible for and cannot guarantee the success or failure of any film project. It is your responsibility to perform due diligence on any filmmaking team you wish to invest in. You should invest only what you can afford to lose. We encourage investors to fund film projects that they believe in. Do it because you believe in the team behind each film and not because you want to make money. Calculate investor risks  and returns accurately. 

You can reach us at No issue is too small. If it matters to you, it matters to us 

If you observe any activity that might potentially be fraudulent on the OAF platform please use the Fraud Alert button located at the bottom of each page

The OAF Marketplace is a resource center for Nollywood. You can open a store for just about anything, from equipment rental, to production cast and crew. Thats not all. Filmmakers are always looking for locations to shoot. You can upload pictures and videos of your house or office space and put it up for rent to let people find it. Simply connect a Paypal account to get paid. You can check out our very own merchandise store on the OAF marketplace

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Explore Films is considered by filmmakers as the land where dreams come through. Browse through the collection of film projects and select one you would like to fund. simply click on FUND and input amount. The title of the film and filmmakers behind the project will instantly appear in the Investment Portfolio section of you OAF Investor account. You will receive an email containing an OAF Investment Certificate. Please note that funds might take up to 24 hours to reflect during peak hours and 48 hours in some cases.


Find examples of investor situations in terms of earnings click here. You can also use our OAF ROI Calculator to calculate returns



The safety of your investment is important to us. The OAF community reviews and offer recommendations by rating each submitted project on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being films with the most potential. The VAR Score sits next to the Investors Review  which is your chance as an investor to rate any project you invest in. Both scores should give you a fairly good idea of how well the film will do. Please note that having high a VAR and Investor Review score does not guarantee the success of a film. A film can still flop, meaning it fails to breakeven for a number of reasons. Click to learn about investor risks


If a film flops, you will lose your money. The percentage you invested in will be deducted from the original amount. Meaning if you invested with N500 $1.3usd at an agreed 20% interest rate, you will lose N100. N0.2 usd



Your OAF community is designed to provide you with the experience of a film community. It is composed of filmmakers, investors and film lovers. There are forums and fan bases of just about anything, Films, Directors, Producers, Investors, Film Festivals, Actors and Critics.

Each user on the OAF community has a profile and a following. You can follow, share and connect with other investors and filmmakers that you are fans of and receive regular updates about their activities on the OAF platform. Also look up profiles of filmmakers and preview their portfolios and reviews from other member of the community. You can write, snap, network and create. You can also offer various services or equipment you have to rent, convert your personal space or offer a car rental services to filmmakers who might be in need of mobility. Just create a store and upload pictures of said items and add prices and add a payment gateway to get started. We also have our own OAF store  where you can purchase branded merchandises, digital products etc. 



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Find out how much we take as commission and the circumstances under which you must operate when using our services. By signing up, you agree to all of OAF terms and conditions.

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